Valentine – 1989 – Nursery Listing 1989 description

This Honeywood EXCLUSIVE is a variety we feel will become one of the most popular apples on the prairies. It is one of the largest fruited sorts, bearing fruit that is yellow-green with a red cheek, often exceeding commercial McIntosh apples in size. It ripens in late September and is a good dual purpose variety, and keeps well under refrigeration.

A quote from Allan Daku in his article for the history book:
It bears very large apples to three or more inches in diameter and is one of the best storing of the apples that Bert has in his collection. It is fine for cooking and eating from storage until about mid February, hence it’s named for Valentine’s Day.

We found one very small, poor shape Valentine apple tree growing in a corner of the nursery, bud grafts were taken from this tree and we now have a couple of small trees growing.